Top 3 Resources to Help Family/Friends when Someone is Diagnosed with Cancer

I can best describe my cancer diagnosis with a picture of a swirling vortex. My emotions were contrived of deep thoughts on my mortality, instability with the future, and underlying sadness for the situation that everyone around me had been catapulted into. I remember a burning hot rush that ran up my spine when I heard the word Lymphoma and I literally did not remember a thing after that moment for about two months. I share my personal memory on this because as the patient, we do not have the capacity to support others in a diagnosis situation. For those that love and surround us, what are helpful things to say, do or give to a family member or friend when they are facing the fight of their lives? Luckily it is 2017, and there are resources at our fingertips that can help guide those with questions when it comes to navigating their own emotions, skills and roles for being the best support they can be to someone fighting cancer. 

A few of my favorite books:

  • Cancer Caregiving A to Z: An At-home Guide for Patients and Families, American Cancer Society
    This book covers more than four-dozen critical cancer caregiving topics, from anxiety to weight changes and is filled with vital checklists.  Experts at the American Cancer Society provide the books content. 
  • Help me live: 20 Things people with cancer want you to know, Lori Hope
    In this book, Lori Hope created a survey for cancer survivors addressing issues they want their families, friends and caregivers to understand. The results of newly expanded survey are presented with honesty, insight and humor and compile scores from survivors of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • The Cancer Survival Cookbook, Donna L. Weihofen, RD, MS with Christina Marino, MD, MPH
    I own and still make some of the recipes featured in this book! This book features 200 quick and easy recipes with helpful eating hints.  All of the recipes can be modified, such as all organic or gluten free.