Top 3 Apps to Assist Cancer Patients and Caregivers

We are inundated with information and medications during a cancer diagnosis and that is just the beginning. The diagnosis is actually the first step in a long protocol of treatments plans; medications and the list goes on. How do we keep information organized in a time of major turmoil? That is where the gift of technology comes in! I have listed three simple, user friendly apps to help patients and caregivers organize information, connect with each other and help alleviate stress.

1. MediSafe
The MediSafe app can sync among family members’ apps and alert each other if one person misses or skips a dose. The MediSafe app is especially useful for caregivers and families that may be managing numerous people, each can have their own profile.

2. Chemo Brain
The Chemo Brain app provides patients with an easy way to record questions, either by voice or text for their upcoming appointments. The app also allows a patient to record their doctor’s visit in a voice memo that can be played back later or sent to a caregiver.

3. CaringBridge
The Caring Bridge app is a perfect app for a family that rallies around a loved one in need of care and encouragement. The app is unique in the fact it creates a place for more than just managing a loved ones care, it offers journaling, photos, tributes and stories.