Hair Loss Summit

Atlanta, Georgia, Sept. 2017

I have so many clients of all ages that sit in my chair and are experiencing some sort of hair loss or thinning. I have been behind the chair for twenty years and over the past five years I have noticed a shift in all ages of clientele who are experience hair problems, not just mature clients. So, why? Stress? Autoimmune disorder? Medications? Nutrition? Genetics? I decided to go to top industry professionals to seek answers to questions my clients so desperately ask.

I attended the Hair+Summit Conference this September in Atlanta. The conference was jammed packed with doctors, trichologists, cosmetologists and top vendors in hair restoration. I was blown away at the in-depth holistic approach prescribed when it comes to hair loss and advancements in laser therapy, supplements, and hair systems available to those affected by hair loss.

The take away from the weekend—seek a hairstylist in your area that is a Hair Loss Practitioner, Hair Loss Specialist or Trichologist. These three categories of hairstylists work with a variety of Doctors to inform or help assist in a client’s hair restoration goals. Having a conversation with your existing stylist for hair systems that they are certified in is always a great place to start. More than ever before, the advancements in hair restoration technology are out there and available. Working with the right hair team can help restore your self-image and confidence, and that my friends, is priceless!

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