Studio Services

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Specialty Services

Speciality services available at Studio or on-location.
To schedule specialty services, contact Tulo Beauty.


no charge

head shave

Complimentary (with wig fitting and shaping)


wig shaping
wig cleaning and style




express service

This service is truly customizes an individual’s first haircut after hair growth returns. It can be frightening to visit a salon; in angst that a stylist will remove too much of treasured new hair growth or cannot creatively bring the style together. The service will provide the perfect tweaks needed along with a customized hair plan for the future.


scalp and hair treatment

This treatment is bliss. A personal aromatherapy of choice is infused into a micro mister that uses ultra-sonic vibrations to create microscopic water particles for the ultimate hydration experience for your scalp and returning hair. This therapeutic and hydrating service also provides complimentary introductions into non-toxic skin and body care for ultimate hydration and repair.




product session

What we put on our body matters. This session takes a close look at beauty regimes an individual would like to change.  The session utilizes existing product usage with product replacement suggestions to create results and optimally nourish the skin we live in.


make-up consultation with application

This service will introduce the best non-toxic beauty cosmetics brands to truly craft a customized look.




wardrobe consultation

This service can assist individuals with body image issues that one may face due to cancer treatments. Weight gain or weight loss can be intimidating as it can be a challenge to dress and compliment a new, transitioning image. This service offers professional wardrobe advice on existing wardrobe with suggestions on styles to empower the way one looks and feels during this transitional time.