Eyes on Cancer: Go Beauty. Stop Cancer.

What is Eyes on Cancer? I just found out about this amazing organization in my industry! Eyes on Cancer’s mission is to advance the prevention of early detection of cancer through education in the beauty industry. They seek to unite the beauty and medical professionals to lower fatality rates of melanoma without causing harm through prevention and early detection.

The organization is seeking to train beauty professionals in schools and salons to be aware of skin cancer and to recognize how to detect it early. Myself as a stylist, we sees areas of a client’s scalp, neck and ears that they cannot see. The certification for your beauty professional to become certified through the Eyes on Cancer Organization is $10. If you love your stylist, tell them to get certified. If you are a beauty professional, you can truly have an impact on your client’s life. We transform lives every day as beauty professionals, we can also help save lives. Make sure to always mention areas to a client of concern, this certification will help guide you on how to do just that.