Top 3 Picks for Comfy Chemo Clothes

Chemotherapy can mean very long days in an infusion center. Being comfy and warm were a must for me, I was always cold! Having no hair made it even worse. Clearly there were bigger fish to fry than being worried if I was making a fashion statement on infusion days, but there are companies out there that have received the fashion and function memo! Having treatment can make someone feel down and out in so many ways, and wearing clothes that uplift the spirit can help in overall well-being. Here are just a few stand-outs in fashion and function.
Top pick is the ODLR Chest and Port Access Women’s Hoodies; $85 pink or dark blue

The Hoodies are universally flattering that keep you warm and comfortable, while discreetly providing easy clinical access to your chest and port area during chemotherapy. Care+Wear was created in conjunction with Oscar de la Renta to honor the designer, who passed away from cancer in 20
”Stylish living with cancer” is this company’s mission. They offer great pieces like short sleeve zip-up hoodie’s that have removable pockets to accommodate surgical drains discretely. They also offer other clothing options that provide fashion and function to those living with cancer.
Style and Comfort For Cancer Survivors

This website has the whole family covered. Shop for men, woman and children.