Creating Your Cancer Story

What do you mean, create your cancer story? Cancer sucks a big one, and why would I want to create a story around it!?!?! Ok, so that was my inner voice eleven years ago and not coping with a cancer diagnosis, but that doesn’t have to be yours or your loved ones story.

This week has been a big week of helping clients and new patients to the chemotherapy world prepare for side effects such as hair loss and skin changes. Helping people create their story has been life changing for me personally. Advising clients to stand in their own power and to not surrender to the process, or to what we think we should do or how we should do it changes everything.

What I mean by all of this is there are so many things with a diagnosis that are out of our control, but how we live every moment is completely up to us! The dreaded head shave for example, some embrace this, they rally and have a party and there are some of us that it traumatizes and drives the realness and vulnerability of the situation at hand. Cancer is traumatizing enough, so there should be peace, tranquility and empowerment around self images changes. I offer scissor shaves for clients that are very nervous about their hair loss. It allows us to chat, and take our time and artfully craft the short cut to be fashion forward and gives them a glimpse of what a cut can look like when their hair starts to return. We take the cut extremely short, but leave style and with that, leave a sense of control. It’s about staying in control and creating moments of happiness during times of major transition, and that is what I will continue to develop as the Founder of Tulo Beauty.