Skincare Guru is a Must-See in Minnesota

I had an extreme treat this week—I had the opportunity to have a blissful facial my favorite local skin guru. I had the privilege of working with her, yes her, at Intelligent Nutrients in Northeast Minneapolis. We were brought together to teach nationally and globally for the local beauty brand in 2014. We became synergized immediately with our love for people, service, products and education. We were both certified with the Oncology Solutions Organization in 2015. The certification has furthered our expertise with the technical protocols and approach needed to customize and truly craft one of a kind skin and hair services for clients receiving cancer treatments. With this general description, one would think that anyone or everyone should and could do such great image revitalizing? In my opinion, I wish that were always the case.  In my opinion, it takes a true giver, but also a service provider who is current and well versed in the industry, products, and an expert in their craft, they are in the know regarding what is coming down the pike, and have put in the long hours and time it takes to become an expert.

I am going to reveal her name now—are you ready? If you’re local to Minneapolis or even Minnesota, you need to grab a pen or your phone and jot this information down. Her name is Gena. She loves up skin out of a studio space at the Hair District in the bustling Uptown District of Minneapolis, Minnesota. When I was receiving my one-of-a-kind facial, I began to pick Gena’s brain on skincare and what brands are truly the best for anyone going thru chemotherapy and or radiation treatments. I will post some of those favorites in the resource portion of this website.

In the meantime, Gena is a must-see! Make an appointment if you are going to be in Minnesota!