Top 5 Tips for New Hair Growth After Cancer Treatment

The day that we recognize small hair sprouts from our scalp is a glorious day! We all have a different experience with the big C, but new hair growth is universally exciting! I want to give you my top 5 tips on how to care for your new post treatment mane.

1.     Be Gentle

Use sulfate, silicone and paraben free shampoos and conditioners. I recommend Using Intelligent Nutrients Pure Lux Conditioner to Co-wash dry, fragile hair. Cleansing with the conditioner provides rich nut butters to hydrate, moisturize and strengthen. Co-washing allows the hair to be cleansed with out striping natural oils.

2.    Take a cold shower

Ok, so not literally! Hot water can be drying to the skin and hair. Rinse your recovering melon with warm water for less stress on new hair growth.

3.      Nourish from the inside

Eat a well- balanced diet! Foods rich in Zinc and Iron can aid in follicle growth. Looking to give your diet a boost, add Intelligent Nutrients Intellimune Super See Oil Complex and Powder to your wellness ritual. The Oil is an antioxidant powerhouse and provides a dose of Omega’s.

4.     Sleep well

A satin pillowcase is the best choice for new, fragile hair. Satin does not create friction or static and does not take the hairs natural moisture.

5.     Create a future hair plan

As an oncology trained hairstylist and cancer survivor, I recommend shopping for a stylist who has expertise in this area. I recommend scheduling a consultation with a stylist to go over style options as hair continues to grow. If nerves keep you away from the salon, due to fear of loosing to much of your new hair, ask the salon ifthey offer an in between service or if you or you may book a neck or bang trim.