Ever heard of a Head Spa?

I fell in love with Japan and its culture on a visit five years ago. So not to my surprise, the latest and purest concept for salons comes in the form of head spas making their debut in NYC and Los Angeles from Japanese partners Sayaka Nitta and Keiko Uehara. I have personally been obsessed in my own salon for years, knowing that hair health starts with the scalp. The founder of our salon, Horst Rechelbacher, was a legend in plant botanicals and holistic self care. It only makes sense to offer such a luxurious service in 2019! I am extremely blessed to have all of the tools in one space to customize this beneficial, holistic  experience.

The experience includes a scope analysis of the scalp, detox, clean and hydration phase with ultrasonic misters that infuse the skin and hair with microscopic hydration. Scalp massage and facial are also included, all while relaxing on a luxury shampoo bed from our favorite Japanese salon manufacturer Takara Belmont. If that's not enough, we’ll comfort you with a warm blanket and a shot of Intelligent Nutrients Intellimune Oil to jumpstart the beauty from within. This service is beneficial to anyone seeking self care for their scalp and hair, and also includes a finished style to leave the salon feeling and looking your best!

For more information on the Uusi Scalp treatment contact Intelligent Nutrients Salon in Minneapolis at 612-617-2011 or email tulo.beauty@gmail.com for more details.