Beauty Brands for Anyone with Aroma Sensitivities

When going through cancer treatment, everything can change very quickly. Experiences from food tasting like a foreign object to aromas and smells bringing us to our knees!   

Loving yourself through this journey is crucial and there are companies out there that have us in mind. The top three picks are companies that are providing high quality, non-toxic products to help sooth, hydrate and calm our skin during a transitional time and beyond. Check out the links below. 
All products have zero fragrance, dyes, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or formaldehyde.
Dermaviduals provides a full range of skincare products that can be customized to address a multitude of skin conditions. Dermaviduals is also a mission partner with Oncology Spa Solutions. This organization trains salon and spa professionals to safely, compassionately and confidently care for their clients when they are experiencing cancer.
Acure Organics sensitive Skin Body Wash is truly amazing. Hydrates, and soothes with organic ingredients without the harmful fragrance.