Intelligent Nutrients Lip Nutrition

Top 3 Gifts Picks from Intelligent Nutrients for Chemotherapy Patients

Ever heard of Intelligent Nutrients? The company was the vision of the late visionary Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda. It’s a small family owned company, which was started ahead of its time in the 90’s. The small powerhouse to date provides certifications and sources ingredients globally that would make most beauty brands dizzy.

I work in the Intelligent Nutrients Headquarters in Minneapolis in the company’s independent salon. I gravitated toward the products in 2010 due to the products performance and purity. I had the pleasure to grow and develop as a stylist under Horst Rechelbacher until 2013.

Fast forward to 2018, where his wife and daughter sit tandem in the drivers’ seat as President of the company.

The products have experienced a different influence, and still remain a luxury, non-toxic line.

A few of my favorite picks from the line to nurture and love your favorite people are listed below:

Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer

Intelligent Nutrients Lip Nutrition

Intelligent Nutrients Nourishing Tonic