Top 3 Picks for Natural Sunscreens

I have purchased many sunscreens over the years. The natural arena for sunscreens wasn’t so great in the overall performance category until around five years ago. Green products and the ability to make a quality product with maximum performance is the new normal in 2018. We hear the word green a lot, and what qualifies a product as green? Well, nothing. There are no regulations on beauty products, including sunscreens. Luckily the Environmental Working Group (EWG) helps consumers sift through all of the fancy marketing to help narrow down what products are truly safe or the safest we can buy. The EWG each summer, will launch a summer sunscreen guide to narrow down the lowest in toxicity, with the best performance in mind. Below I have provided a few links, which can help consumers narrow down the vast options to choose from.

Cheers, and I hope you are heading to a beach sometime real soon!