Telling your children you have cancer

A cancer diagnosis is never news that we anticipate to hear, or for that matter, have prepared our lives for. I come into contact weekly in the salon with clients that have just received a new diagnosis. I have walked my own path with a cancer diagnosis back in 2005. I was newly married, and was blessed enough to marry an amazing man and had amazing friends and family support. But we all have a different situation right? I many times had thought, what if I had children?? How would I tell them or explain to them what was going on? Luckily there are amazing organizations that do just that. Here are a few valuable resources to help the entire family when it comes to helping yourself and your children face the diagnosis of cancer together.

CancerCare for Kids
CancerCare for Kids provides free, professional support services for parents, children and adolescents affected by cancer, as well as information about helping children understand cancer and additional resources.

Gilda's Club
Gilda’s Club is a community organization for people living with cancer, their families and friends. Many cities have local chapters that provide meeting places where those living with cancer, friends and family can join with others to build emotional and social support with guidance from licensed professionals. When searching for Gilda’s Club, your local chapter should pop up if there is a chapter in your area. Listed above is the Twin Cities Chapter page that is located in Minnesota.

“Cancer gave me a membership into an elite club I would rather not belong to.”  
-Gilda Radner

Gilda’s family and friends opened the first Gilda’s Club in NYC to honor her wish that no one fight cancer alone.

I have listed below a few other sites that offer tremendous support for families and how to face the diagnosis of cancer together and how to integrate your children into the process.

The Children’s Tree House Foundation

Angel Foundation 
An amazing organization located in Minnesota

American Cancer Society 

Cancer Center Treatments of America