Long-term Cancer Care Clinics

It is a life-altering journey when you have survived cancer. When the window of strict scans and check ups expire, that's it. Yet it is liberating, it is also a mental tug-of-war of horrifying anxiety and emotions. Going through treatments have also put us in a special club for other complications down the road. I tend to have periods of phantom pain, as you can imagine, and it sends me immediately into my doctor. This happening over a period of five years has sent me on a quest for information, and it led me to the University of Minnesota Medical Center Long-Term follow-up Clinic at Masonic Cancer Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The clinic takes the cancer type and all treatments given in the past to treat or diagnose any new health concerns. Many treatments can have an impact on a patients long-term health.

Check in your area for a long-term follow-up clinic if you have received treatments for cancer or be sure to always mention to an existing physician that you were treated at one time in your life for cancer.