How do I choose the right wig?

My personal experience with a wig choice was scary and intimidating, and I am a hairstylist! One might think this should have been an uplifting and empowering experience right? I should have known exactly what wig to place on my head for fit, form and function and been on my way. I remember gazing at the wall of wigs feeling like I was in a foreign country unable to translate the language. So many different brands, so many questions and again I felt like the ladies at the wig salon were speaking in foreign tongues. I needed an expert to take the wheel! I feel lucky to have had that expert with me that day; he was a fellow hairstylist and dear friend.

This is one of the many reasons Tulo Beauty exists, to provide information to patients and their support network. The truth is, when someone is in the fight of his or her lives with illness, tunnel vision becomes the norm. With all of the complexities of the situation, our image or seeking self-image expertise is not at the top of the list or not readily available.

Now back to wigs! Since living in remission, I have been able to go back to the wig world and heal the once traumatizing experience I had. These are the tips and information that I can share as a professional hairstylist and survivor with patients and their support network on wig selection.

Full Lace Wig

This wig selection is one of the most comfortable and natural looking wig. The hair pattern mimics the natural growth of hair, so it appears natural and can be parted different ways. It is also the most breathable cap for the scalp. The hair selections are of the highest quality including top selections that are usually put in the cap individually. Many wigs that are front lace and are of a higher price point are made of Remy hair, meaning that the hair follicles all go in one direction, which supports the hair appearance and feel in looking completely natural.

Front Lace Wig

This wig selection has lace at the front of the wig that allows a client or stylist to craft and cut the lace at the front of the wig to give it the appearance of a natural hairline alone the front and sides. The front lace is more cost effective than a full lace; many wigs will have a human hair and a heat resistant synthetic blend.

Synthetic Wigs

This wig selection is made of fine plastic fibers; the fibers are designed to look like real hair. The style is a preset style; this option is the easiest to care for versus human hair wigs. The higher the price point of synthetic wigs, the more realistic the wig looks.

I have listed wig websites under the resource tab on this site. I hope this quick guide can help keep the logistics of wig hunting easier and overall simplify the experience.

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