Favorite Gift Ideas for People with Sensitivities

It is hard to be sensitive, just ask me, I will tell you. I know that I am not alone! A lot of us are. I am sure many can relate to the crippling aromas coming from department stores perfume counters to the scented vanilla candles that a friend thinks you will love. I feel like folks are one or the other when it comes to synthetic aroma. Love it or hate it, companies do not need list  “fragrance” ingredients on products. When we see the word fragrance on a label, it can have up to 200 different ingredients to make a fragrance, and many are of toxic origins. When gifting, unless you know what a person absolutely loves, here are a few neutral and beautiful safe bets for the aroma sensitive.

  1. Wooden Flowers
    These gems are a great customizable gift that would cheer up anyone feeling blue. I mention these as well because I personally adore fresh flowers in work and home space! Not everyone can have fresh flowers around due to allergies or certain cancer treatments. Customize a beautiful, unique bouquet at https://www.luvmyflowers.com/

  2. Diffuser
    A diffuser is a great gift to give as a gift! The market is flooded with cool diffuser from the super modern to beautiful crafted woods. If you know the gift receiver’s favorite essential oil, it’s a great addition to give with the diffuser, but if you don’t, no need to guess, the diffuser alone is a great gift that the recipient can customize personally.

  3. Unscented Candles
    Aroma, whether it is synthetic or an essential oil, it can still be overwhelming to some folks. I always try to stay mindful when giving candles to others. I look for the beauty in the candle, not so much the aroma. Pairing non-scented candles with great votive is a great gift idea! Such as these great Himalayan Salt Votive Candle Holders from HemingWeigh found on Amazon.