Top 3 Hair Supplements to Consider for Hair Growth

As a hair stylist, I see clients in my chair daily who have thinning hair or hair that doesn’t ever seem to grow. Just until recently, I have come to realize that unless the category of hair loss is really understood or studied by your hairstylist, they may not truthfully know the best solutions for you. That is were I come in. I have taken a major interest in helping clients in hair loss solutions and providing the most up to date resources to provide the best avenue for each and every client.

I do know from hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, and naturopaths alike, your diet matters. We used to recommend pre-natal vitamins or Biotin to clients, but with more information than ever before, the industry now has a blooming arsenal of options to aid in hair growth or providing hair systems.

Supplements are one part of a full regimen to follow when focusing on healthy hair growth options. Three of the top supplements that I have researched this past fall and met the manufactures personally are listed below.

  1. GROH
    Groh is an all-natural growth supplement that nourishes the hair follicle and nail bed to promote longer, thicker hair, nails and eyelashes. GROH’s Ergo Boost Complex works internally with the body’s complex biologic system to fulfill nutritional needs everyday that our diet often fails to provide. Read more about GROH and Dr. Hausman at

  2. Nutrafol
    New science proves hair loss occurs due to an accumulation of causes—inflammation, stress, hormones, as well as genetics. Nutrafol leverages the latest in bio- technology; the nutraceutical ingredients in this product address all triggers. Learn more at

  3. HairFact
    This product was brought to the market by hair transplant surgeon, Rajesh Rajput from Mumbai, India. What is the most impressive are the clinical studies that support the supplements' effectiveness. The supplements do have a few ingredients that are not as clean as I would like to see or usually recommend, so I quizzed the pharmaceutical company in Australia why the ingredients in question were even used in the product in the first place? The impressive clinical studies are what give this product the number 3 spot for consideration for hair loss suffers. Find out more at